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Why get a service plan from Happy VPN?

Buy now - secure transaction via PayPro. Here's why you should do it:

  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Can be used on more computers. Share with family, use at work.
  • All traffic is securely encrypted - critical in public wireless hotspots and for your online banking.
  • Special price offer, available for a limited time only
  • UK servers support Open VPN. Get a UK SSL VPN account.
  • Anonymity: Protect your real IP address from being tracked
  • Security against Internet attacks and virus threats. We have a strong firewall.
  • The setup is easy - it takes less than one minute to set it up once the order is confirmed
  • There are NO HIDDEN CHARGES or setup fees( unlike our competitors) ! You pay only the 1 month or the 3 months package and you receive all the necessary information and support from our team at no charge! Our business grows from personal recommendations, people like telling their friends about Happy VPN.
  • You receive a US, UK, German or Canadian based IP address, according to the purchased package.

After your order is confirmed you will receive an email with all the information regarding easily setting up your account.

You will be having your anonymous Internet Address in less than one minutes from then on!

If you face any issue our support team is ready to help for no extra charge. Just contact us and we will promptly assist you.

Before you read any further, please take a moment and think - how would you feel if you had anonymity and safety when navigating over the Internet? Nobody will be able to find out what websites you are accessing or where you are located. No malicious user could enter your system. You would receive first class service from our staff and we would make sure that you get your peace of mind.

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