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I truly have no words to describe how awesome it has been having this VPN service. But at this time in my life I don\'t really need it anymore. However, later in the year 2013 I will go abroad again and I am certain I will return to Happy VPN, but for now I can do with saving a few bucks. Thanks so much again for all the hours of pure joy.

Adriana C, Colombia
Very Happy Happy VPN user

Let me bore you with a little quick story. I am over here in Turkey and could not watch my local cable tv company's online streaming tv service back in Oklahoma. Normally I would be watching my version of Tivo, Slingbox....whatever you want to call it over the internet. Having connection problems with that server so I tried to see how the streaming TV is and if other online services that I use back home in the States would work. As you know, I had problems.........not any more. Let's be specific.....Adult Swim. They are not allowed to stream out of the US, if you have an out of US IP address, your out of luck. Not with Happy VPN. Works like a charm....EXCELLENT speed......no freezing, drop outs, or delayed anything. Thank you so much for offering this service.....yes, it has been a Godsend for me here.

The way you have rigged installation is so stupidly simple that I believe my late 70's parents could do it without a problem at all. Hats off to your software guys that write software they way NEED to write it for family members who are not computer literate. I am so satisfied that I simply don't have the words to describe it.

Thank you so much!!! This has been the best spend money in a LONG time for me.

Bob E.

Thanks for your promptness and thanks for the excellent service. I am back in the USA but if I ever leave the country again Ill be sure to resubscribe. Thanks!


I am traveling out of the states frequently. Happy VPN works great, thanks !!

Mark, UK

I am traveling a lot to the Middle East due to the nature of my job. When searching for a VPN service I was concerned about the reliability of those companies. I had no problems so far and I am using the service for almost 6 months now.

James, UK

You guys Rock! Every single time I have had a question or an issue, it was resolved faster then you can say "Customer Service". Your staff (I really wish I knew the name of the person who helps me out) exemplify the true meaning and spirit of customer service.

I have recommended your service to many of my friends and co-workers not just for a great product but also for the customer service. Keep up the awesome job!!!

V/R Ron "Slick" M, Currently in Kuwait

After some time I have decided not to renew the service due to personal reasons. Anyway I want to remark that's not anything related to the quality of the service, that has been wonderful for me.

Thanks for the interest and for the great service you offer.


Thank you very much indeed - not least for your patience. It's working brilliantly now; I could hear Aggers on TMS as clear as a bell - in fact, as clearly as Bell, Swann, or Finn.


I rebooted again & now it is fine. Do you guys never sleep? Everyone should give this good & quick customer service, seriously. I thought that I was the only human being that is this conscientious.

Juana, Republica Dominicana

Hi once again HVPN support :-) Let me start by saying thanks for the great support. The new IP, with L2TP, did the trick, watching high quality TV as we speak. Have a great day, all of you


Me and the guys here use VPN service from Happy VPN ! If you live in Quatar, UAE , this is the service for you, trust me!


Thanks for the REALLY quick reply - something thats very rare these days! Configuring my connection to use the L2TP seems to have done the trick. Thanks again, very much appreciated.


'Your excellent service works very well. Thanks.' Karl B
'thank you. it was a life saver while I was in the Middle East Robert
Worked beautifully thus far. Thank you Aubrey
'Its almost always something simple.....works like a champ now. You guys are great!' Steve
'Thanks much. I got the instructions. Have a great day!! Frank V.
Thanks guys. All seems A-OK. Cheers for the advice. Rob
'Thanks. BTW the support has been really fast and responsive!' Reza
'I've had no problems with your service and you have great customer support. I'll use you again! Gareth
Many thanks. I will recommend Happy VPN to friends and use you again if I need the service. Tom
'Many thanks for the use of your service, I have been very pleased with having its use over the last few months' Don
'thank you very much. i will make sure to recommend your service to any friend who inquires. Jose B
[...]thanks for getting back so quick. Great support. I am now up and running. Many thanks Gary
'Ok its up and running. I really appreciate all of your help.' Jake M
'I can use Skype now and that is all that matters ! Benji, Dubai
Thanks for the help. It works. Wish u all a happy new year!!!!!!! Kumar
' I am returning to the US for an extended period of time. However, I must tell you how pleased I am with your service. Thank you again for an excellent quality of service! Christopher
'You have been very helpful and I appreciate all of your assistance! I wish all businesses had such wonderful customer service! Cathy
I have been very happy with your service. Thanks again for your support and fantastic service over the past 7 months. I can safely say that your service is by far the best I have ever used. Sean
'With the help from Happy VPN I can speak with my friends back in Greece using Skype without having to pay tons of money. Thank you! Vassiliki, foreigner in Qatar
Thanks a lot - all up and running. Just watched a show for the first time in nearly a year ! Stephen C., USA
'Thank you very much, service is ok , I am amazed at the excellent service you provide thanks Arianna
'Thanks for your help, your kindness and patience. Your service is great. Have a nice weekend. Arpad
'Hi, thanks for sorting this so quickly. Both US and UK seem to be working perfectly. Thanks again! Kind regards, Kathryn Kathryn
Your support service is very impressive - please keep it up and thanks again for your prompt reply and fix. Mr Pitt
'Thank you guys! It works really well. Now I can watch olympics games from Indonesia! Okie
'thank you. it was a life saver while I was in the Middle East Robert
Dear support team, thanks a lot! I tried and it is working fine. Many thanks & Kind Regards, Monika S. Monika S.
'Thank you! Excellent customer service! Nickie
'I can use Skype to talk with my brother who is in the US. I am satisfied! Liang
Great, my mom is visiting from Germany and she did miss her TV show! Semmy, Spain
'thanks i got the details....everything working good...thanks for the quick service, love you zacki
'Many thanks for what has been, yet again, outstanding customer service. You guys are brilliant! Rory
'Thanks a million friends for your excellent service. Shan
'Dear Happy VPN, This is a thank you letter from a future loyal customer that appreciates your serivce and great support. I've never been as happy. It is worth it. Khaled
'Hi there, I can't believe it , it works! Initially I was skeptical and hence thats why I only chose the one month option. I can now surf wherever I want without restrictions. Thank you very much !!!!! Aziz
'I was very satisfied with the service but I moved back to the US earlier than expected and unfortunately no longer have any need for a VPN Rhett
'I am a customer of yours and have been for over a year. thanks very much you made my time in dubai a hell of a lot easier. Ian
'Thanks for your help- fantastic as always! Jason
'thanks, It works now. Another satisfied customer. Gary
'Perfect! It works great now on my IPad as well. Just what I was hoping for. Michelle
'thank you ..... lovely service. i really like it alot turki a.
'Your service has been great no complaints, I am being reassigned to the US and will no longer need your service. I have and will continue to recommend you to my business colleagues that are still working abroad. James
'Thank you for all of your wonderful, professional and prompt help. It's all working Siim
'Awesome FAST setup!! Thanks! Jeff
'I can say we thoroughly enjoyed the service and if we have recommended it to all of our friends in the UK and Ireland! Thanks again!! Amy
'THANKS! You guys are the BEST! Paul
'Thank you for the excellent service which I've been using without problems Greg
'Thank you for a wonderful service while I was overseas! Liz
'For the time I was overseas and using the service, I was very happy with the performance and will definitely use this service again next time I am in the middle east. Ed
'The service has been fantastic and very easy to set up and more than happy to put something on the testimonial page. Thanks again, it was a great service and if need it again i will be coming back. Stuart
'Hi Guys, works great! now we can watch Coronation Street on CBC while we are in the US, Many thanks, hope you are having a great Christmas Day, all the best, Tom
'Thank you for your speedy reply. i already love the product! Thank you. Kenny
'Thank you very much I am so pleased with your help hopefully everyone had a customer support team like you guys Arianna
'great thanks for such a fast response ! yianni
'I thank you ever so deeply for this great service and will use your service again in the future if/ when I make my residence outside of the United States, again THANK YOU! Angelica
'You are brilliant and so fast! I love getting round big big brother here. Now i can watch england lose bravely to italy but maybe not - if this super result is an omen. Gill
'I have to admit that your service was ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL to have while overseas again. I also appreciate the quick turnaround on getting my account activated since I couldn\'t be contacted by phone. Can\'t wait to travel and use you guys again. I tell everyone I know about the service.. Liz
'superb service for MiddleEast Pavel
'Any questions answered quickly AND...you actually provide useful info, unlike most tech support. Most recent query had a follow up email checking on how I was doing. Charles
'Thanks a lot, it works perfectly now, what a great and quick support. Andreas
'This is the second time I've used HappyVPN while living abroad, and I must say that I am as pleased with your customer service this time as I was first time around. You respond quickly and you look for opportunities to go above and beyond, as evidenced by this email. Thank you for your help, and I hope I have the opportunity to use you again soon! Jackie
'Happy VPN is very easy to use on my Macbook Pro and U-verse ISP. Speeds are much faster during US daytime hours, but satisfactory at all times. I await the hack to VPN directly thru the new Apple TV Gen 2. Charles
'I have been completely satisfied with HappyVPN but am changing location and no longer need your service. Many thanks for such a great product. Matt
'The setup was extremely easy and bandwidth seems fairly good. Thanks! Guillaume
'Thank you for being so helpful. I have really appreciated your customer service since joining a few years ago. Ryan
'Thank you! Always very impressed with the support from HVPN, which is why I keep extending the service :-) Thx! Anna

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