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  • Unblock VPN and websites in Oman, Belize
  • Bypass restrictions on PPTP and L2TP IpSec
  • Access Skype in Oman
  • Get a UK IP address
  • Access blocked websites via SSL Open VPN
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  • Unblock firewall restrictions at the office
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Some Internet Service Providers around the world - most notably in Oman and Belize - are blocking the VPN PPTP and L2TP protocols. Until now, there wasn't any safe solution for people in these places to bypass internet restrictions.

How Happy VPN works

The Open VPN project brought a new way of connecting to virtual private networks. Connection is made via Secure Sockets Layer ( SSL) on port 443, that is not blocked by any ISP. We at Happy VPN decided to implement this VPN solution. Users in Oman, Belize and the ones that are having VPN protocols blocked at the office have now a reliable VPN solution that actually works!

Access blocked websites in Oman, Belize and at the office with our UK server that runs SSL Open VPN

Buy our SSL VPN account and you will be connected to our UK server that runs on Open VPN. With our new secure VPN server you can connect to blocked websites even when normal VPN protocols PPTP and L2TP IpSec are blocked!

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