Buy VPN accounts - secure payments

One can buy a Happy VPN account with PayPal or PayPro. Read below about accepted payment methods or learn more of our cheap vpn plans.


PayPal most often is used by people already having a PayPal account, but it can be used to pay with credit card even without an account. It is one of the most popular online payment methods.

It is renowned for it's buyer protection policy, meaning that if one's PayPal credentials get stolen and then used to buy things over the Internet, PayPal will rollback all fraudulent transactions.


Many people want to pay using their credit card. Because for many countries direct credit card payment is not available with PayPal, new payment methods have appeared. Out of those, one of the most safe and efficient payment methods is PayPro.

A big advantage of PayPro is their extensive fraud checks. They will not authorize a payment from a new client until they are sure of the identity of the person buying a Happy VPN account. Their checks protects both buyers and sellers, by adding a small overhead of a couple of hours.

Another PayPro advantage is that malicious users focus on stealing PayPal accounts instead of PayPro due to the fact PayPal is accepted virtually everywhere in the online world.

What we recommend

Many people are asking what is the best online payment method. Unfortunately google search on those terms doesn't help much, due to high density of merchant websites in the results. Those are more interested to promote themselves than in offering a clear picture to the buyer.

That being said, we have had good a cooperation with both PayPal and PayPro. Both are easy to use by the buyers and are safe for online payment. We recommend that you buy a vpn account with either PayPal or PayPro and be sure that in case of any issue we are all here to assist you!